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Steel/Aluminum Fabrication & Erecting

Lazarus Industries fabricates a wide variety of quality steel AND aluminum products for the commercial and industrial construction industry. Our strength lies in our ability to design and value engineer projects with the best suited materials and practical solutions. Having the ability to fabricate miscellaneous metal projects in both aluminum and steel sets us apart from the competition by miles, providing our clients solutions second to none. 

Products we manufacture in steel & aluminum:


  • Stairs                          

  • Railings

  • Light Structural            

  • Clear Span Roof & Deck Systems

  • Custom Gates              

  • Decorative/Ornamental Items

  • Canopies                    

  • Miscellaneous Brackets/Parts


Services we provide for steel & aluminum:


  • CNC Cutting(waterjet, router, plasma, laser)

  • Welding                       

  • Shearing

  • Bending                       

  • Rolling

  • Punching                     

  • Erecting

  • Design & Engineering



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