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Unique and “out of the box” is what our clients have come to know and expect from Lazarus Industries over the last 15 years. Our proprietary approach to construction is like none other, and is the driving factor to our success. 

Lazarus Industries has built a very strong reputation and portfolio self performing work instead of relying heavily on sub-contractors. Most projects are completed using sub-contractors for less than 25% of the work scope, typically for plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

Common hurdles and barriers found with the client-design team-contractor model are shattered with our true design-build approach. Understanding our clients needs from a utility and cost standpoint, THEN designing the construction solution allows for the process to be very streamlined and cost effective. Wasted time and resources are eliminated with this true design build approach, putting the onus of all project requirements on one company. Having control over so many aspects of a project allows for rapid construction, as well as rapid adaptation to project changes keeping costs as low as possible. 

Our extensive workforce of designers, drafts-people, project managers, fabricators and trades-people allow us to control all aspects of every project to ensure timely delivery. Our abilities to create everything we design has landed our work in The New York Times, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and various other publications. We strive to be consistent and build trust with our clients on every project, every time. We have developed strong personal relationships with each one of our clients because that is the most important thing to us at Lazarus Industries. We are proud of the demand for and respect that our work has earned for us, and welcome the opportunity to earn your satisfaction and respect as well.

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