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At Lazarus Industries, we are constantly innovating our lighting solutions. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we offer our new line of SOLAR-POWERED STREET LIGHTS. Our 80 watt LED bulb replaces 200 watt, high pressure sodium lamps. With 160 watt, 180Ah batteries, our solar street lights can produce between 2700-7000K lighting for up to 4 days (at 12 hours per day), before needing a recharge. No more costly electrical service and a truly wireless installation. This is innovation.


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Input voltage: 24VDC                                                 Power Factor(PF): >0.95

Effective Light Angle: 130º                                         Color Temperature: 2700-7000K 

Bulb Life Span: >50,000 hours                                  IP Rating: IP65

Solar panel: 160W/17.3V                                          Life Span of Solar Panel: >20 years

Battery: 180AH/12V maintenance-free                     Life Span of Battery: 3-5 years

Working time: 4 days(12 hours everyday)

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